The Power of Speaking Less

Ever wondered why human beings are blessed with two ears but with one mouth. Don’t think too much. Reason is simple – so that we hear more & speak less. But do we really do so?

let the silence do the work

Most people tend to treat speaking like a competitive sport, in which the person who says the most, makes the cleverest point, persuades others of an opinion, or even speaks the longest and loudest is the winner. All of us fall into this trap.

But is that the beneficial in the long run?

The answer is No.

“When you listen, you learn. You absord like a sponge & your life becomes so much better than when you are just trying to be listened to all the time” By Steven Spielberg

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The simple act of listening carefully can take you a long way. At the same time, by judicious use of your words, you can have a lasting impact on the other person’s mind.

What we have been taught in our schools/colleges that we should more communicate, but many people misunderstood the art of communication and replaces it to the Speaking.The more you speak, the less you communicate.

The noise of useless words we are shooting to get someone else’s attention is creating a thick line of fog which is making actually difficult to understand each other.

Speaking and listening in a balanced way is a great skill one can develop. Here we provide you with three points which will help you achieve this balance:

  • Think before you speak

The most valuable tool, yet the most underused.

Most of the problems in our life, whether to consider our college life, love life , jobs are there due to use of wrong words. We utter words without giving a thought that brings our wrong impression onto others.

People use to say that, they don’t mean what they say, and that arises because they don’t think before they speak.

Under the impulse of “taking the stage”, of speaking before the other could make his move, we often open our mouth without really knowing what we are going to say which often create misunderstanding.

Always take a deep breath before you respond, your words make the first and long lasting impression on others mind than your looks or your personality.

  • Let the silence do the work

Another thing we all tend to do is interrupt someone when they’re talking. Many times this is a natural way for a conversation to flow. After all, we’re not robots. We’re emotional beings connecting in a lively manner.

However, you can improve your listening skills by resisting this urge. Letting the other person complete their thoughts can help them to get more out and you to take more in.

Taking that one step further, don’t be afraid of silence. Many times we jump in to fill up any empty space in a conversation. But if you can let the silence do the work, it will often allow the other person to think a bit more and to form more thoughts to share.

One way to get better at this is to practice. Meditation is an obvious thing to try, because that’s all about sitting alone with your thoughts and not reacting to them.

  • Listen before Jumping into Conclusion

The “need for speed” in competitive world forces us to simplify the interactions, cut them short and directly leading to conclusions, making assumptions in our mind what other tends to say.

As we have mentioned in our article “Keep it Simple – Life hacking Strategy” that never make assumptions, it may create hustle and bustle in our life.

The same applies here. By making assumptions, we create a hypothetical scenario of something or someone which may be inaccurate because we didn’t take the time to actually listen.

The bottom line is “Everything you learn as a better listener will help you to create a true and better Reality” When you speak less, you do more. Your focus shifted from talking to doing. And that’s what counted at the end.

So think before you speak, and enjoy the positive change.


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