The bridge on Choluteca River

Have you heard of the Choluteca Bridge?

Its 484-meter-long bridge, build on the Choluteca River, in Central America.

The bridge was built by a Japanese Firm in 1996. The firm was contacted and they build a solid bridge that is designed to withstand all the catastrophes, earthquakes, floods and the bridge is still standing since 1998 after it gets opened to the public. It is helping people to commute from one end to another, who earlier used to swim across the river.

The bridge was the marvel and is the epitome of true modern-day engineering, people couldn’t help but admire the bridge.

In October that year, the Central America faces the wrath of heavy storms and rain. The City gets the rain what it usually gets in 6 months which drains out all the bridge build over except one, the new Choluteca Bridge remains unaffected.

But, there is one problem, all the connecting roads to the bridge are drained out, there is no way to get onto the bridge. And that’s not all, the river which flows down under the bridge, had changed its course and now it flows beside the bridge. The river channel starts at the one end of the bridge.

The bridge stands strong, with no damage, faces the hurricane-like a superhero, but it now leads to nowhere.  A bridge to nothing.

The intent of the story was not to provide you general Knowledge about the Choluteca Bridge but to use the Bridge conditions as a metaphor concerning what can happen to us if we remain adamant and don’t change ourselves with the changing world.

“Change is the need of the Hour”

The bridge is the present form of what can happen to us – our life, businesses, careers.

In everyone’s career, people tend to take one more degree, one more certification which makes them specialized in their core field. But is the Specialization in just one field and no knowledge of the other will help them survive in this competitive world?

The role, the expertise soon may become redundant, and therefore, people may find themselves in the place nowhere to go, but to start from the beginning to gain extra skills, knowledge.

The businesses are now going more online than the physical stores. Thanks to COVID, that now online stores are a more acceptable form of business than ever.

So if you plan to open the branches in every nook and corner of the world following the traditional way, is that going to help, does your adamant behavior to not to change yourself will help you or your business in any way.

The answer is a Big No!

The problem today the word is facing is that we are more focused on problem-solving in such a way that if a problem turns its nature slightly, then our solution will become redundant.

Think of a software company builds software thinking today’s problems, then in some time, say 1 year or so, the software will be of no use in the market, and the company may face loss.

Nokia didn’t accept the change coming globally, and today it has no market share in the mobile market, which once was their monopoly.

The solutions to the problems need to be made in such a way that it works in a dynamic environment.

We need to change our focus from the bridge to the river, which can change anytime.

“To Adapt” is the new requirement of the global markets, and if your fail to do so, then you may find yourself in the condition as same as the Choluteca Bridge, of no use.

Credits – Column by @Prakashiyer.


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