What is success?

Success can be defined in different ways,it depends on people perspectives and there aim.Some thinks making money is a success, some give the life freedom as the success goal, some think a healthy relationship is success.

You can define success in a hundred ways,  what matters is that whether or not, you have met the expectations you have set for yourself.

If you ask people, what they want in there life,

All will answer they want to be successful, they want a big house, cars money in their accounts, they want to travel the world, but success doesn’t come on its own, and that’s the harsh reality of life, you need to work hard and smart to achieve those, you need to have an actionable plan to get through the harsh lane to achieve the gold petal.

Most people, if they say or think about success, seem to believe that success will just ‘Happen’.

Except, it doesn’t work like that.

Here are the 7 things you should start doing(the sooner the better)  to guarantee success, no matter what.

1) Starts working on your Emotional Quotient

People generally tend to ignore Emotional Quotient, they believe that EQ has nothing to do with their success, and that’s why they fall short on their way.

EQ is one of the most powerful tools which can help you achieve your expectations.

An emotionally weak person may find it difficult to handle failure, and may end up doing nothing due yo fear of failure,

Always Remember ” Failure is the first step towards success”

2) Get rid of people who aren’t going anywhere

People around us impact us in a much larger way. Their behaviors, words they utter, their thoughts impacts us and our work in many ways. If we surround ourselves with people who are overly satisfied with their life, who don’t want to go anywhere, may provide hindrances to achieve goals.

Remember,” Friendship is investment”,

Invest wisely and get rid of the investment if they are not supportive and have become a burden.

3) Never let your hobbies die

We all have things we love to do for Fun. But in our busy lives, we tend to keep aside those fun bringing things. Our carriers take over, families, kids, and the competition going over the world makes us sick. And the next thing we found out that, it’s been years since you play a guitar or to dance or make a sketch,always keep your hobbies alive, it keeps you grounded and alive from inside.

4) Keep reading

Reading is the most simplest, easily available thing for us, but yet we found it’s the most difficult thing to perform. Reading slows you down, it makes you think deeply and enhances your knowledge. Its the best way to get insights from those who came decades, years before us.

To learn from others’ experiences is also a part and parcel of life.

5) Save and Invest as much as possible

Buying expensive shoes or filling your wardrobe with expensive clothes may bring a day or 2 of happiness, but in the longer term, it slows your way to become Financial Independent. The sooner you start saving and investing, the more dramatic you will get a return in the longer term. Financial independence is the one way to achieve success and to achieve it, you have to make money, a tool to make more money.

It has to work for you, and not the other way round. Reports suggest that people who start saving and investing when they are 25, achieve their financial freedom easily as compared to those who start saving at age 35 or so.

Never miss the train, even if you have missed it, there is no better day than today.

6) Nurture your relationship

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who are obsessed with making progress, they don’t give time to their loved ones, or are single as they don’t tend to give time to love life. Those who have the partners, don’t give time to them, and eventually end up with them.

This is a flawed approach to both business and life. A love life balance is the most important aspect to make businesses successful. A well supportive partner helps you go along the long way,

And for that, you also need to give time and support to your partner.

7) Don’t fall for shortcuts

Youngsters today are falling in the traps of short cuts success, But they are not aware that those short cuts are going to make their success a short term.

Never give excuses to the options which enhance your knowledge, it may take time, but knowledge is the tool that will always stand with you in your harder times. Watching a 5-minute youtube video may give you some insights, but the complete knowledge will only come after you read a 500-page book.

Never convert the Smart work theory with short cuts.

Try to work hard, success will be yours one day.


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