The Lord Krishna does not need an introduction. He is the god of compassion, tenderness, love and one of the most popular and widely revered among Indian Divinities. Being a central character in the Mahabharata, the Bhagvata Purana and the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna has taught us so many life lessons that it is impossible for us to cover in a single article. So, here we have listed down our favorite ones:

 Life is a battlefield: Fight boldly

Even when the walls are crumbling around you and the earth is cracking beneath your feet, do not expect or fear anything. Expectations and fears limit our possibilities.

 Accept the dualities of life

Imagine your most disgraceful moment and then imagine yourself at ease in it, sitting quietly while the leaves of worry float away in the breeze. Feeling sad about your losses will only way you down. Accept your desire without coveting or needing that which you want.

 Accept the equanimity of life

When you see all beings as equal in suffering and in joy, when you are rooted in the oneness of all beings, you cannot love or hate anyone because it is all part of the same thing. In other words, love your enemy as yourself. Refuse to speak badly about those who hurt you or your enemies.
Progress and development are the rules of this Universe

Things may not be the same, the way they used to be. Things and circumstances change. We should neither expect people, nor surroundings, not even society, to be the same. They all change with time. We move ahead. The Universe forgets old things and moves forwards, so do we. We should not stick to one place. That will make our existence much more problematic in this world.

A mind obsessed with money cannot meditate

Bhagavad Gita talks a lot about meditation and its importance. Meditation is considered extremely helpful for inner peace and ‘sadhna’. Moreover, a person who thinks about making money all the time cannot really engage in meditation. When a person’s mind is not stable and he or she thinks only about money, then meditation would be a failed effort for such a person.

Control your anger

Anger leads to clouding of judgment, which results in bewilderment of the memory. When the memory is bewildered, the intellect gets destroyed; and when the intellect is destroyed, one is ruined.

Do not weep for the past; do not worry for the future, concentrate on your present life

You can’t change the past. It is gone. Thinking about it will only bring mental agony. Likewise, you really can’t know the future. Worrying about it will only bring uneasiness to your mind. The best way to live is to live in present.

Adopting any of the above teachings will surely change your life for good. That’s all from our side in this article. If you want to read more, read the sacred Bhagwad Gita – the text for all the truths of life and solutions to all your problems.

Have a great life ahead.


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