“Simplicity is the key. Keep things simple and see the wonders”

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Do we believe in simplicity?

Most people will say yes.

Humans have a tendency to make things complicated as if they have some aversion from simplicity, especially when it comes to life problems. The problems with which we deal today, first of all, may not be a problem at all. It may be just an illusion created by the mind.

We are not denying that people don’t have problems at all, but instead of solving it rationally, people just complicate it by assumptions & emotions. Eventually, you may be able to solve the problem but in the process, you may face emotional stress & it may take away your precious time which you could have used for your growth & learning.

You see, to live a fulfilling life, you should define a set of rules to guide in the journey of life. In the words of Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of not giving a fuck, “You should decide about which things you will give a fuck. Once decided stop giving fucks about everything else”.

So here , we are listing the 7 hacks with which you can keep things simple & live your life fully:

  1. Don’t make assumptions: Assuming something is easy than seeking the truth as it is within our comfort zone. But life always lies beyond your comfort zone. So stop making assumptions. If you have doubts about anything, ask. The problem with forming assumptions is that, you may hold a perception which is not a reality and end up making your life a mess . Also while making assumptions there may be a tug of war between your mind & heart, thus, giving yourself unnecessary mental trouble. So if we consider rationally, it is always an easy solution to “Ask” rather than assume, contrary to popular understanding.
  2. Be Realistic: Most of the time while evaluating the situations, instead of evaluating factually, we involve our emotions in decision making instead of evaluating every pron and cons factually, which gives us a distorted view which gave us a hard time . Evaluating situations with emotions, fills us with anger, self-pity, and frustration. So always focus on facts & then look for a solution deprived of the emotions.
  3. Express Yourself: Being a social animal, it is our fundamental need to express ourselves but due to fear of being ridiculed, we suppress our opinions & feelings. We just go with the mass without considering what we feel & believe. Being unconnected to ourselves, this creates a burden on our soul which leads to anxiety, depression, loneliness. So start express yourself. Being different from others is what is the requirement of the hour.
  4. Always give your best shot: Whatever you do, just focus and give your best without worrying what the outcome will be. This is what within our hands as results are not within your control, but efforts are. “Do the work to the best of your abilities. Do not expect and crave results”, lines from Bhagavad Gita. Once you gave your best, you will have an immense pleasure & satisfaction & in the event of failure, there would be no regret for not giving your 100 percent.
  5. Don’Lower your expectations from People: Expectations are the root cause of most emotional problems we face today. If you feel to do something for someone, do it, but don’t expect them to reciprocate in the same manner. If someone does something good for you, be grateful for it. Remember, we all are here to live our lives, no one owes to no one.
  6. Tame your Ego: We can’t eliminate our ego but yes, we can tame it. Ego is the evil that destroys relationships, which keeps you away from reality and hampers your advancement. Once let go of your ego, you will see how easy life is.
  7. Practice the art of letting go: If someone hurts you, forgive him. If you do a mistake, forgive yourself. Just let go of those feelings of guilt and hatred. Never keep any grudges in your heart, that won’t be helpful but, by letting go, you will open the gates to the world of new possibilities.

The list is not exhaustive. What’s our objective is just to bring some ways in light which helps in “Keeping things simple”.

Thanks for reading.

Take Care


Bhumija · August 17, 2020 at 6:11 am

Good read for the monday mornings 👍🏼

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