The immense satisfaction which we get after getting income from a source other than our salary is much bigger as compared to income from a primary source, although smaller in amount but each and everyone should prepare one source which can help you to expense out our daily expense

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Here we are providing the 7 areas which can help you to create an extra income in your free time, say at weekends or in the evening time after you get free from your office.

List of 7 areas which everyone should explore –

  • Convert your Hobby in monetary value– People has many hobbies like they like paintings, some like dancing, some like cooking, so try to convert these into money terms by taking 1-hour painting classes for the people in your society, or you can also sell your paintings online if you are a dancer then try to make your you tube video and increase you, subscribers.
  • Take up the accounting jobs on weekends – If you are a commerce graduate and understand the accounting art, then you can undertake the accounting jobs on weekends. Yes, so many small shop owners require the accounting to be completed, you can download tally from google, although it’s a pirated version but it’s useful for small owners also and can help you make your pocket heavy.
  • Insurance Agent – You might have heard of many LIC agents selling their policy and earning commissions, you can do the same by registering yourself the agent of LIC and sell their policies, it didn’t require any infrastructure and you can work as an agent while being in your office and earn a handful amount of commission.
  • Cab Driver – It may sound you like a low-level job, but in reality, it can help you to earn a good amount to handle your daily outwards. You can register your 2 wheeler or 4 wheelers at Cab service provider and can ride as according to you want, in a particular area you are available too, at your favorable time and day.
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Cooking & Earning
  • Open your small Food parlor – If you like cooking and are willing to earn, then you can start some small food parlor on weekends delivering, say e.g. Burgers on Uber eats or Zomato or Swiggy. There is a huge market out if you provide some tasty food with specialties. Even you can use your social accounts to advertise about your parlor.
  • Start Investing – Yes, you read it right. You can start investing in the Share market. And if you do not know then don’t worry, you will find a complete course clearing all your doubts about share market and shares, which areas you can invest. Even you can visit our site for weekly updates on shares where you can invest and earn a handful amount of money. But do keep in mind, this kind of earning is although without any physical working but contains some amount of risk.
  • Rent out your non-essential items – You may regret after buying an expensive item which is of no use to you now, you can rent out that particular item on many online sites and can recover what you spent to purchase that item. But there is some amount of risk if that item gets damaged or lost, so rent accordingly.


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