Fermi Paradox and Aliens

If space aliens are out there, why haven't we found them?
Do aliens exist?

Aliens – a mystery that has intrigued humans for a long time and continuing to do so. Is there intelligent life out there? Are we alone in this universe? There are many questions on extra-terrestrial life’s existence and one was asked by Ernesto Fermi. A lunchtime discussion with friends discovered a Paradox when Fermi asked “If aliens exist then where they are?” and it baffled the whole world. And yes if there is intelligent life out there then where is it? Are they living among us? Or Is there intelligent life?

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If an advanced civilization has sprung on earth, it is possible that it happened thousands of times in galaxy and millions in the universe, yet we have not found any evidence of intelligent life, not even a trace, not even a single cell. Does the paradox ask where they are? So these are some possible solutions –   

  • Rare Earth Hypothesis –

According to the rare earth hypothesis, our earth is rare, one of a kind and there are no other planets capable of sustaining life. According to this hypothesis, the earth can sustain life because of various conditions also depending on the solar system like our solar system and other planets play an important part in us being still alive as Jupiter being the second-largest planets attracts all the meteoroids and engulfed them and if there is no Jupiter our planet will be bombarded with these giant rocks. So far away in the universe, there might be a planet like earth but having on Jupiter in the Solar system or too close to its sun or not having a suitable atmosphere or even more tilted and rotating at fast speed than us will not sustain life.

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  • Zoo Hypothesis

According to this hypothesis, Aliens exist and watching us from a distance far away but do not want to communicate with us deliberately. They do not want to communicate with us with alien ideas, technology, or even virus. The advanced civilization or a group of civilizations may be waiting for us to reach a certain level of technological advancement before interfering.

  • Planetarium Hypothesis

This is rather a creative solution as this theory suggests that the universe we are allowed to see is a simulation or illusion created by a far superior technological species and we do not see aliens because we are not allowed to.

  • Dark Forest Hypothesis.

This theory suggests that all advanced civilizations consider it best to not broadcast their existence as it might attract more advanced civilization to attack it. This might be a self-preservation measure. If we have not already found any signals from aliens and of they exist then it is prudent to not send any signals.

  • Life destroys itself or nature does
How Earth will be destroyed, end all life on the planet - Business Insider

Everything comes to an end so does life and we know as the threat of mutually assured destruction hangs over the earth. The biggest reason is because we lead our planet to destruction and still leading. Wars, Waste, and exploitation of natural resources we have done it all. We have nukes and their button on tables and threatening to destroy life and with it our planet. So like us another intelligent or not so intelligent like us might have destroyed themselves before us finding them. Even if we avoid man-made disasters a natural disaster can also cause extinction.

  • Technology and Distance

We cannot avoid the fact that aliens might have tried to contact us but we do not have a technology to read or capture that signal or information. Or there might be intelligent life out there but even they don’t have the required technology to communicate. Or there might be intelligent life but they are too far from us and our technology is not able to reach there and it is very costly traveling interstellar distances so they also might not want to come to us. Or what if they are way too advanced and have attained singularity and they are not interested in physical forms as they are now celestial bodies.

So aliens might exist watching us or amongst us and MIB is real who knows but we cannot deny the fact that we are very much capable of destroying the life on our planet along with it. We just need to analyze ourselves as most cases of extinction have humans responsible for it like Climate change, Wars we love it, Ecological collapse, Economic collapse, AI and Global Pandemic, and no lockdown to save us. We just need to set aside our differences, greed, selfish acts, race, and religion so that we can save our future generations to come. Just help others around you and be selfless, will feel good for sure till then tell us what hypothesis you liked the most and what are your views on it. 

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