Time Travel and Bootstrap Paradox

We human beings are fascinated by the concept of time travel.

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We all want to know the future or are there any flying cars in the future or how it was living in the old Egypt. But there is one question lying in front of all of us – Is Time travel possible? Till now for us, it is not possible and we don’t know for sure that it is possible in the future or not, we haven’t seen someone from the future, haven’t we. Some scientist says that time travel is impossible and it is not possible to go back in time or to the future so no flying cars. Some say it is possible but we don’t know the means yet or we have in theory but not in reality like a wormhole. So if we assume that time travel is possible that gives rise to some paradoxes.

One of them is Bootstrap Paradox.

Let’s discuss what it is really –
“The bootstrap paradox is a theoretical paradox that occurs when information or object sent back in time becomes trapped in an infinite cause-effect loop and that leads to that item having no origin and is said to be self-created or uncaused.”
E.g.. We all know the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein but what if a

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time traveler from the future reads it and acquire knowledge from it and then go back in past and teach Einstein theory of relativity. Einstein then publish it claiming to be his theory and then it is published countless times and it reaches out to our time traveler again lying us with a question –

Where did the theory originate?

We can’t say time traveler as he learned it from Einstein neither Einstein as he learned it from time traveler so who discovered it?
Let’s take another example this time with object – in 2020 a young man is given a watch from an old woman however this watch was given to that old woman in 1986 by the same young man as he time traveled it to 1986 to give her the watch which is given back to him in 2020 completing the never-ending cycle.

Let’s take another example this time with a person – We have all seen the recent web series “Dark” an amazing German series based on the concept of time travel, in this series one character Elisabeth Doppler and a time traveler Noah, have a child, Charlotte Doppler which is then taken to past and then she gives birth to Elisabeth Doppler so making Elisabeth mother of her mother.

Bootstrap Paradox is a closed loop in time in which “cause and effect” repeat in a circular pattern creating a self-created entity having no point of origin.

The bootstrap paradox, however, violates some principle of physics like the second law of thermodynamics which suggests that a system always flows from state of order to state of disorder which means object or information trapped in time will continue to age and eventually disintegrate like for the watch mentioned in example 2, thus closing the time loop.

Some scientist suggests that the second law of thermodynamics applies to system isolated from the external world so there is a possibility of bootstrap paradox not breaking the law and then time loop will continue.

So, in the end, yes there might be flying cars in the future or past or we might be able to see ancient Egypt or India or our ancestors but we need to know the fact that our one wrong step in past may lead to the extinction of us in present or the technology from future can destroy our present or maybe we might get trapped in time loop who knows so focus on your present and help others around you to build a better future and make the world better place until we have time.

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