The stock market provides the platform to companies to come and sell there ownership and gives the opportunity to the common man to buy these shares and take the advantage of growth of that company in terms of dividend and increase in there share value.

So here we provide you some fascinating facts about this unpredictable market place where investors flock to make fortunes. Many succeed and many fail.

  1. Total market valuation of Indian Stock Exchange is $2.27 Trillion, that’s 17,16,93,72,00,00,000 INR (Taking 76.51 as Exchange Rate).
  2. A total of 7000 companies are registered on NSE and BSE combined. Bifurcation is like 2000 on NSE and 5000 on BSE(Largest in the world), although there are 23 more Stock exchanges in India other than NSE and BSE but most of them are non-active as of today.
  3. BSE is the oldest Stock Exchange in Asia established in the 19th Century by a businessman named Premchand Roychand.
  4. Guess what, Reliance and TCS market valuation is bigger than the total Market Cap of Karachi Stock Exchange which stands at $65 Billion, hold your guns neighbor, our 1 company can buy your all companies.
  5. Everyone is fond of the character Jack Sparrow from Pirates of The Caribbean, who is master in dealing. But it will be fascinating for you to know that there exists a Pirate Exchange established in Somalia. In fact, from sources, it is established that appx 70 companies are also registered on that Exchange.
  6. You may find it unusual that why the uptrend is known as Bull Market and why downtrend is known as the Bearish market and why not any other like Tiger or Lion or elephant. These terms are thought to be derived from the way in which Bull and Bears attacks, Bulls thrust its horns in air, and bears will swipe down, hence the terms came into the picture.
  7. Seychelles Stock Exchange(Trop-X) is the worlds smallest stock exchange with 4 companies registered on it.
  8. The total valuation of all the stock exchanges around the world stands at $70 Trillion.
  9. A man is known from its dressing sense, and the same is followed in Investing Community where in New York Stock Exchange, you are not allowed without the suit and a tie. Dress up People.


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